Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hailey:  Mom?  Do you want to see me write the whole alphabet?

Mom:  I don't think you can.  You are not big enough to write the whole alphabet.

Hailey:  MOM!  I am in Kindergarten!  I can write the WHOLE alphabet.  And guess what else?

Mom:  What?

Hailey:   I can even write it in whoa-er-case!

Cutest exchange ever!!!!!

BTW...I am now paying for posting pictures on my blog.  So feel free to send money if you want to continue to read this blog without the interruption of annoying ads.  Totally kidding.  I don't even think my mom reads this thing anymore.   I just couldn't stomach the deletion of old pictures.  I don't know where they are or where they go but DELETE and PICTURES are not words that go together in my mind.  So stay tuned for photographic proof of our fabulous holiday season!

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