Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas programs

The boys had their Christmas program on Monday night and Hailey's Kindergarten show was on Tuesday.  I look forward to these every year.  It is so cute to see the kids all dressed up in their Christmas duds singing their little hearts out.
 Evan is on the third row of the risers this year.  Next year when he is in fourth grade he will be at the top!

The show this year was cute.  It was about animals trying to teach other animals about Christmas and other holiday celebrations.  Spencer played the part of a Super Badger.

He was pretty comfortable up there and had been looking forward to the show.

The Super Badgers take off to find somebody to help.

Both of the boys did great with their parts - speaking or chorus - everyone is important.  As you can see, Evan's eye is still Chalazion-riffic.  I wish it would go away.  I am so tired of people asking me what is wrong with it.  I am sure he is more tired than I am of that.

Hailey and two of her friends hanging out in the hallway before the start of the Kinder show.  So many people comment to me about how my kids know how to strike the perfect pose when the camera comes out.  I tell them that it comes from years of training.

She was a little apprehensive looking up on stage at first.  She kind of moved her mouth, but not along with the words.   I don't think she had seen where we were sitting at this point.

Once she found us, it was eyes on us the whole time.  After a song or two, she started to warm up and get the hang of it. 

All smiles after a stellar performance! 

I am off to the school this afternoon to help out with their holiday parties!  They were sort of hoping for a snow day tomorrow, but now it doesn't really look like it is going to happen.   It always seems that way - they predict a huge storm and then it never pans out.  I don't really want a storm, just some snow to make our Christmas merry and white.

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