Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Craft fail

I saw these self portrait ornaments a while back on a blog and thought it was the cutest idea. I had a couple mini canvases tucked away that I was going to use for a different ornament project that I have long lost the link to.  It was in the days long before Pinterest existed to help me organize.

As per the usual, Evan was the only kid that put decent amount of effort into his.  I told them to fill the canvas with their head and shoulders, do your personal best, use color and detail.  They were thrilled that they got to use my special scrapbook markers.  Hopefully they weren't dried up.

They didn't really turn out how I envisioned.  Evan's was most like what I had in mind.  Though he got a little crazy at one point with the flying hot dog that he turned into some kind of a hat.  They looked kind of messy too.  I had them sketch their idea with pencil first and the pencil seemed to get all over and make them look dirty.  Plus the markers tended to bleed and run a little.  Paint probably would have been better, but I don't know how detailed they could get with paint.  I wish I would have saved the instructions from the example and not just the picture. 

Spencer's got super pencil dust on it.  His detail was good, just kind of small.  I don't know how much it actually looks like him, I think I could count the times he has worn a baseball hat on two hands.

Hailey went with the scene approach.  She is normally much better at drawing and coloring than she was the day we did this.  The three of them together were a little hyped up while they were "creating" and I think that was part of the problem.  I probably should have done it with them individually. 

So not what I had in mind, but treasures none the less.  At less than a dollar a canvas, who really cares what they do with them as long as they had fun. 

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