Monday, December 10, 2012

December weekend

We woke up on Saturday morning to find our neighborhood covered in a wispy layer of snow.  The kids couldn't wait to get on their boots and snow gear and head outside to play in it.
This weekend was the kind of December weekend that I LOVE.  We had no commitments, no plans, nothing that we had to do besides hang out together and do whatever we wanted.  We usually only have one weekend like that during the Christmas season and we try to soak it in.

It was quite warm outside, so the snow was quickly melting.  Perfect snow for packing snowballs or snowmen.

Hailey and Spencer were determined to sled, but found out that once down the hill pretty much turned their path back to grass.

The first snowman of the season was made.  His head had melted off by later that afternoon.

On Sunday we decided to put together our gingerbread house.  I think I picked this up on sale a couple of years ago and it has been in the basement ever since.  Hailey spotted it while we were getting out decorations and has been relentless in her pursuit of building this thing. 

Spencer was dying to eat it.  In the past the kids (mostly Hailey) have picked candy off of the finished house to eat but have never shown any interest in the gingerbread.  Spencer was begging to eat it.  He was coming up with argument after argument saying that the reason gingerbread houses exist is to eat them.  He didn't buy my "only if your name is Hansel or Gretel" excuse.  Even when I told him how old the kit was he wasn't swayed claiming it was all packaged so it would be fine.  I appeased him by agreeing to make gingerbread cookies one of these days that he could eat.   I still think I am going to come downstairs some morning to a house with a bite out of it.

Holding up candy peppermints in front of your eyes was the big hit of the whole experience.

Spencer quickly grew weary of the construction (probably because he couldn't eat it) and went to watch TV or something while the littlest elves began to decorate.  If you couldn't tell, we also called Sunday a Pajama day.

The best part about being finished with the gingerbread house is getting to lick the leftover frosting.

It was a fun, full weekend which also included a book signing, Christmas card envelope stuffing and a Christmas craft which is a post in itself. 

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