Thursday, December 6, 2012

Table setter

Every evening as I am making dinner, Hailey will run off into the dining room so she can start getting the room ready for our dining experience. 

She will move around things in the room and gather things from other areas depending on the decorating whim that is driving her that certain day.  Last night it was Santa hats from the kitchen and piggy backing a decorative tree from a side table onto the undecorated candy tree in the corner of the room.

I have to be honest, this room takes a beating.  You would think with it being the first and only room people see when entering our home we would try to spruce it up a bit, but no.  Most days the table is covered with various piles of junk and usually a kids craft project or a LEGO contraption.  It needs some help.  My vision includes ripping up the ceiling leak/cat destroyed carpet in favor of a fake hardwood and painting the furniture. 

She always finds a clothespin that she uses to clamp our curtains shut for ambiance.  I am sure the neighbors are intrigued by what on Earth we are doing in there as they drive home from work in the evening.

Candles are always a must.  Even if they are about fifteen years old like that lovely three wick baby you see or not so safely contained like the two tapers hanging out precariously in that vase.

Finally, there are always place cards and she insists that you sit where she puts you.  This can cause many a heated word with her brothers, but our stance is that if she takes the time to set the table without being asked, they will sit where she wants them. 

I realized yesterday that we are having a party next weekend. I thought I had an extra week in there, but was sorely mistaken, so today I am going on a cleaning frenzy.  I woke up ready to work and now that spirit is waning quickly.  I better get going before I lose it completely.

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