Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday

I had to stop by the thrift store yesterday because I needed to look for a cheap putter for the school carnival and to see if I could find some replacement gym shoes for Spencer.   Don't even ask about the gym shoes.  They have apparently run off with his gym shorts to a better life.  I have no idea how long his shoes have been M.I.A. since he just confessed to losing them after I asked him which tennis shoes he had at school.  See if you can picture this in your head - Spencer and his shiny nylon basketball shorts running around the gym wearing hiking boots with most likely black socks.  I can't believe he has been getting credit for dressing for gym.  His gym teacher must think that boy is something special.
I have a great weakness for shoes and coats at the thrift store.  The two MAIN things my husband claims we have too many of - don't show him this photo.

I found two pairs of tennis shoes for Spencer.  The brown ones are Merrells (like the lost ones).  I got Hailey a pair of Lands End wet/dry sandals and a cute pair of slip on shoes.

Just a fancy picture because I am artsy like that so you can see how cute the black shoes really are.

I found Hailey three pairs of shorts for two dollars each.  A cute girly camo pair, some plaid Lands End shorts and a grey pair from Old Navy.   She might be set for summer now.  One goal for the rest of the week is to get through her dresser and closet. 

I found two shirts for Hailey.  A cute summer blue shirt with butterflies from Old Navy - it should look smashing with the shorts.  I fell in love with this owl print Hanna Andersson long sleeve.  I think it is a little big for her now, but next year. 

I also found this other Hanna Andersson short play outfit.  It is size 110 which I think might be a little small for Hailey.  I haven't tried it on her yet, but if it is we have two little cousins that would get some use out of it.  You can't pass up six dollars for a Hanna Andersson outfit - I could probably get double that for it if I sold it on Ebay.

So it turned out to be a good day of thrifting.  I even found a putter for the carnival for one whole whopping dollar!   I have a doctor appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow on the east side of town so I may have to hit the Goodwill out that way for Thrifty Thursday....

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