Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday

I found myself drawn into the Goodwill on Tuesday and was glad I listened to the Siren's call. 
I found Evan a great pair of Merrell shoes in his size.  Perfect for the Spring and early Summer.
I found Hailey a size 7/8 jacket that she can use as a "play coat".  One that is darker than the pastel ones she currently owns and can stand up to a bit of mud.  (That post to follow at a later date...)

That afternoon Spencer had an orthodontist appointment across town.  He finished up pretty quickly and since he was done with school for the day and we had some time to kill before the Littles came home, we stopped at another Goodwill.  Spencer was thrilled.  Insert almost teenage eye roll.

I found Hailey this cute sweater.  It looks red but is actually more coral colored.  I thought it would be perfect for between seasons.

I also found her these cute skorts for summer.  They are not as hot pink as they look.  My phone camera is lacking for accurate color representation I guess.   She will live in these this summer.

I found a metal water bottle for one dollar.  We go through water bottles like crazy around here.  I also picked up this calculator for one dollar.  The one that I currently use I have to bend the screen to get the numbers to show up without missing some of their "lines".  It makes balancing the checkbook quite an adventure.

By far my best purchase of the day was this brass mirror for Hailey's bedroom.  It is so "mirror, mirror on the wall". It was fifteen dollars but solid brass and I couldn't pass it up.  I think I am going to paint it either white or hot pink.  I can't get over how much I love that thing.  Hailey does too.  When Evan saw it he thought it made perfect sense for Hailey's room.  His reasoning - she already has a chandelier now with this it is almost like her room is a castle.  Soon she will be like a real princess or a wicked queen.

It was a very successful day of thrifting.  I only wish I had my mom with me so I could have cashed in on her senior discount!

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