Friday, April 18, 2014

Mud balls

Look at me on this blogging roll!  I guess with my PT cut down to three times a week and not being called in to work all this week I actually have some time to post the pictures I take!  Though being called into work a little would be nice for our checkbook.
I have always lamented the fact that Hailey doesn't play by herself very well - if at all.  Over the weekend I realized that statement isn't exactly true.  She doesn't play well by herself with Barbies, or dolls or magnets or puzzles or anything remotely quiet and self contained.   What she does play by herself are things that make an awful mess.  The girl can make a mess for hours.   Give her glitter, glue and paints and she will use up the whole bottle on one eight by eleven sheet.  The paper will wind up glued to the table, but she will be entertained for hours.  She will glue crayons or marker caps to paper without thinking twice.  She has a vision.  A vision of artful messiness. 
I found her this weekend outside all by herself doing this.....

Elbow deep in making balls of mud.   I tried to look on the bright side that at least she was entertaining herself with something besides watching a movie on the ipad.  So I left her to it - after asking her politely to change out of her light pink jacket that I had already washed twice over the weekend.  

I think we may need to clean out the sandbox and get it back in working order so she can at least make her mudballs in the back yard and the neighbors don't have to see her lovely creations all over our driveway.

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