Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Evan has been obsessed with these guys since he first played the game at his cousin's house a month or so ago. They are called Skylanders and I don't know if they were originally a show, a book - what they were, but now they are a game for the Wii.

We got the boys the Skylanders game for Valentine's Day. It was a little pricey at fifty dollars, but well worth the price of not having to buy anymore LEGO sets since they have been inundated with them since Christmas. They were so excited when they opened the gift and saw the box inside. There was screaming and fake fainting and running around the house in happy hysterics.

As we figured, the boys have been getting plenty of use from the game. Sometimes they play alone, sometimes together. Yesterday I was thrilled when I walked in the room to see that Evan had taught Hailey how to play and was very patiently leading her through a level. Patience and Hailey are two things that Evan can only normally take in small doses. I have been telling him for the longest time that he should teach her to play some of his games and then he could play with her without having to play Barbies, princess or any of the other games that he grows weary of playing with her.

She was a very intense learner. She takes her Skylanders very seriously.
I think she was thrilled that her brother took the time to teach her how to play.

I just love how their little hands look clutching the Wii-mote.

Oh Skylanders! You do such a great job of bring families together!

As long as we are on the subject of teaching, over the weekend I taught Evan the age old tradition of blanket folding. You know, each person takes two corners and folds and walks together in unison. I told him about how when I was little and used to spend the night at my Grama's, in the morning we would always have to fold and put away our blankets. As we were picking up the living room last night Evan decided to take it upon himself to teach Hailey the blanket folding technique. He was actually looking for blankets that they could fold.

It is days like this that remind me that I have the best kids in the whole world!

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dr said...

Very sweet. I love the concentration on Hailey's face. Too funny. Good job, Evan, teaching your sister!