Monday, March 19, 2012

The Dunes

Grama Dune has been in Florida for the past week, which is unfortunate timing because our temperatures since she has been gone have been nearly as close to those in Florida. Though I am sure the ocean is much warmer than Lake Michigan.

We stopped over to check on her house today and since it was such a beautiful day the kids asked if we could go for a walk in the dunes behind her house.
This time the red lips are due to the Slurpees we had on the way over there.
Evan knows the way around the dunes like the back of his hand. He likes to find and point out all the rusty barrels he has discovered on his walks exploring with Grama.
Spencer is up on this hill but he is super hard to see. I didn't have my camera with me, just my phone and it was nearly impossible to see the screen because it was so bright out.
The kids decided to take their shoes off so they could feel the water. It was still REALLY cold - of course it is only MARCH!

Evan and Hailey got braver and braver or maybe just numb and number.

We found a bunch of these tiny shells. I remember finding these all the time as a little kid.
There is so much broken glass all over back in the dunes. I don't know if people meet up and party back there or what, but the amount of glass is unbelievable. It kind of makes a pretty picture though.
Evan on the top of "Pigeon Hill". It wasn't dark out at all, I don't know why it seems like night in this picture.
It was a fun afternoon exploring around at Grama Dune's.

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