Friday, March 30, 2012

Saturday in the park

On Saturday afternoon we decided to get our spring break on and go for a hike through the woods that included a little geocaching. I haven't been on one of daddy's geo-tours in some time and I figured a walk in the woods would do my physique well.

It wasn't sunny or very warm, but funny posed pictures and geo-treasures can make anything more fun.

One of the geocaches we found. It was a puzzle that you had to shake the key out or something. I told Trent he looked like he was trying to dismantle a bomb.

Sweet little freezing Vayvay hanging out in a tree.

Evan and I discovered some little plants budding in the woods. I am totally drawing a blank on what they are called right now. Fiddle head! Right? At least that is what I told him it was.

Spencer trying to decipher the next geocache. The guy that placed these hides is super into it. He comes up with the craziest stuff I have ever seen.

The next step of the hide, after the light up box, was this container full of puzzle pieces. Now Trent and I are pretty good at puzzles. We have done some doozies. This was so much harder than it looked. I told the kids that we are being too hard on the Survivor contestants when they struggle with puzzles. They are not as easy as they look. We messed with it for about a half hour and then had to give up due to the fact the kids were freezing and we had a date to see The Hunger Games (SO GOOD!).

How much do I love these sweet little faces?

We plan on going back to the park sometime before break is over to try the puzzle again. Trent emailed someone that had completed it for a hint. They would never let him get away with that on Survivor...

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