Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap day randomness

You would think that with a whole extra day this year I would have time to do a blog post every once in a while.

Hailey and I have been fighting a cold for over a week now. It is the worst cold I have had in a long time. She seems to be finally on the mend. I can see the flicker at the end of the tunnel and am slamming Vitamin C tablets as I sprint for it. Almost there. Of course last night Spencer started to get symptoms.

I went to Kindergarten round up last night to get information on Hailey's class for next year. All day Kindergarten. I am still not sure of my feelings about any of it. They may be a forth coming post of their own. What I am sure of is that I am in denial that MY BABY is going to Kindergarten next year.

I was super excited to get up tomorrow and hang out in jammies for as long as we wanted. Then as I was snacking on a chocolate covered almond I broke off a piece of my tooth (or maybe a filling). It doesn't hurt and I wouldn't worry about it except for the fact that it is behind one of my front teeth. I really don't want it to get any off to the dentist tomorrow at nine in the morn.

Tomorrow begins the month of the musical. I am finding it harder this year to keep up with the kids on my own. There was a tiny window in between babies and big kids where it seemed easy. Now with more places to be, more homework - it is hard for me to do it all.

It is hard to believe that February is over tomorrow. We have done a lot this month:

Struggled through Spencer's Biographical Book Report

Traveled to Wisconsin to celebrate birthdays of Mira and Lainey.

Valentine's Day and parties

The 100th day of school for the boys

Reading The Hunger Games trilogy in about three days. So good. Peeta may have replaced Edward in my juvenile fictional character love obsession.

I cleaned out the laundry room and created a "homework station". Which the boys are lukewarm to, but Hailey LOVES.

The boys made their Cub Scout advancements at the Blue and Gold banquet.

My cleaning and organizing has taken a huge hit with the on set of this cold. Along with my diet and exercise routine. I feel like I want to work out, but last week the one day I did, I paid for it the next day with a worsening (word?) of symptoms.

We finally found out (after three weeks of calling and waiting) that Hailey's heart "problem" is considered in the normal range and doesn't present the need for any additional testing at this time. We were grateful for the good news, but I am still feeling like I want to know what the problem is and why does it come and go. I don't want to look for problems, but I want my little girl to be OK. We are supposed to watch for any episodes of fainting or shortness of breath that would indicate a growing or intensifying issue.

I think I am starting to be confident that this "winter" may never happen. It seemed too good to be true in January and February - I was just waiting for the massive snowfall to hit - but now that it is going to be March... We may have lucked out this year. Bring on Spring!!!

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Brandi said...

Getting caught up...

Hope you guys are all feeling better! I think winter skipped us too. We've had a few chilly days here and there, but mostly it's been unusually warm.

Glad you got good news on Hailey's EKG. Bub had a heart murmur when he was 3 or 4 and he had to have an EKG. Scared the crap out of me. It was all very confusing. They said it was benign. Something to do with kids at that age growing rapidly, but not anything serious. We love our ped as well and I trust her so completely. It's when she says 'Hmmmm' and starts double checking things that I start to panic.

Hunger Games was wonderful! I read the series in Jan. When I started reading it I thought oh boy, here we go with another love triangle., but it turned out great. :)