Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moving forward

I give up.

I wanted to do a post about our Christmas celebrations and how we rang in the New Year, but I am afraid that it is not going to happen. It is already well into the first week of January and our life is back to its usual hustle and bustle. If I couldn't make the post happen last week with Trent home to help me, I have to pretty much resign myself to the fact that it won't happen this week or ever for that matter.

As always Christmas arrived too fast and was over in what felt like minutes. Months and months of shopping and planning and thinking about the perfect gifts - and then it is done. The smiles on the kids faces made it all worth it, but I couldn't help feeling a bit let down by the frenzied pace that the whole day seemed to take on. We were able to spend time with loved ones, but not enough time. Is there really ever enough time spent with those we love? All in all, a pretty fabulous Christmas season.

Now I am putting aside my guilt and the "I have to blog that" feelings and moving on to 2011! I have plenty of resolutions and things on my "to do " list and am anxious to look back on last years list and see if I made any progress or if some things will once again be re-written.

One thing I am doing this year that I am really excited about is this:

I hope that I can stick with it. I love capturing little random moments in our life without the pressure to get prints made or write an extensive post about them. It also gives me a chance to experiment with my camera until I find the settings that I think look good. I think I will cherish this in the future when I can look back on the seemingly mundane days and realize how extraordinary they really were.

Off to start working on the next party!


dr said...

Dude, I know it is so hard to keep up. Good for you for moving forward. I am still somewhat paralyzed by my need to catch up. I love the new 36 and 5, although it took me a little too long to figure it out. Not quite as sharp as I used to be...

jensenbo said...

What a great idea. I'll be excited to see your daily pics!!