Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deals of the day

After a long weekend and then a snow day with everyone around all the time, I was really feeling the need to get out of the house today. I had a remote control spider that I had to return to Toys R Us, so I packed up Hailey and we headed out to the sprawl.

We arrived at TRU at nine fifty and a glance at the sign on the door told us that they didn't open until ten. Never fear, there is a Goodwill a block down the road - let's go see if we can find any bargains.

Two pairs of pants for Spencer, one from GAP and one from Old Navy. They cost me 1.99 each. I can't stress enough how much I love buying pants on the cheap. My boys go through pants like they are made of tissue paper.

We changed around the furniture in the boys' rooms and Evan's desk is now in a corner with no light whatsoever. I told him we would look for a cute desk lamp for him.

Wish granted. One cute desk lamp. It even has the bendy neck so he can position it any way he desires. It looks brand new. Four dollars.

I spotted this light up globe on the top shelf. I am always drawn to globes - I think it has to do with my mom's collection of them. Either one of my boys would live for this. Since I had a lamp for Evan I decided that for now it will go in Spencer's room. Maybe eventually the office. I was a little bummed when I got home and noticed a crack in it off the coast of Argentina. It is slight - I didn't notice it at the store or I maybe would have thought twice. Or at least asked for half price. I paid four dollars for it, not too bad for something that will probably be cracked worse after spending a few months in a little boys room.

My best bargain was this PlayDoh set. Brand new in the box with a price tag of ten dollars right on it. I got it for four bucks. Evan and Hailey will LOVE this. They spend hours playing with Hailey's cake making station and the other PlayDoh stuff. I put it away to give to them as a Valentines Day gift.

A pretty good waste of ten minutes huh?


jensenbo said...

What great finds --- I love the globe!! I miss my old thrift-shopping days --- remember when you thought I was goofy going to Rescued Treasures, Valueland, and Goodwill, Jenna?? :)) My house is full of "trash to treasure" bargains.

dr said...

Great finds. I am already looking forward to garage sale season...