Sunday, January 16, 2011


We were getting our coats on to leave for church this morning and I asked Hailey if she was going to go to "kid church" or sit with me in "grown up church".

Hailey - I think I will go to kid church, but I am a little nervous. Maybe I will miss you.

Mommy - You won't be there long enough to miss me. Besides I won't be far away - I will be in the next room.

Hailey - You mean the room where God is?

Mommy - God is in all the rooms. He is everywhere.

Hailey - I mean not the REAL God. The pretend God.

Mommy - You mean the pastor?

Hailey - Yeah, the pastor.

Mommy - Yes, I will be in the room with the pastor.

Hailey - I think I will go to kid church with my brothers then.


jensenbo said...

What a cutie. Hailey and I had so much fun together for our sleep-over on Friday. She can say the cutest things --- just like you wrote on "Sunday" ---- keep it up, Jenna!!

dr said...

Ha ha. That is funny. Maybe the rock music is too much for her?