Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day

I guess when Evan put ice cubes in the toilet he knew what he was doing, because today was a snow day!

Snow days are the best. A little vacation day that comes as a welcome surprise. The best part about today is that it wasn't very cold, so we all got to spend some time outside enjoying the snow.

Climbing on the piles of snow left by the snowplow.

Sledding down the hill in the yard.

Playing in the snow with your brothers and sister.

Running through the snow blower "wake".

Licking snow off of your mitten. Ew. Note that I stopped her from doing this and she was only faking for the photo.

Riding around with the neighbors on a four wheeler.
Hailey wanted to ride on a sled so badly. She is just too little yet so she settled for helping drive.

Building a snow fort with the world's most awesome Dad.

Trent keeps telling me he is going to sleep in this fort. I think he is crazy.
A pretty great day was had by all!


jensenbo said...

What great fun on a snow-filled day!!! Great pics!!

ps. Did you have the hot- chocolate ready for the kiddies??

dr said...

Fun times. Love Hailey in her hat! Is your igloo still standing. I once slept in one of those... oh, my younger and braver days. Never again!