Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crafty Christmas

I love projects and creating things. Especially when I get to give the creations away as gifts. It seemed this year I found extra time and inspiration to whip up quite a few hand made gifts.

For example: A whole bunch of headbands for my little nieces. Using the tutorial found here.
A couple of camera straps. One for my sister and one for my friend. I also made one for myself but it was already on the camera when I took the photo. The tutorial for these is here.

The kids and I made "hockey puck crayons" for my niece and some for themselves. Credit for this idea goes to my Grandma J who use to let us make these at her house. I have said it many times before, but she was the original "greenie".

Who knew broken crayons could be so much fun??????

I saw an idea somewhere to make these yarn ball ornaments. They looked simple enough, but don't let them fool you. The picture makes them look all right, but in real life there are gaps and loose yarn. UGH! The tops would start out OK, but then it all went downhill. As I pondered what to do with all of my newly purchased foam balls and yarn while staring at a half yarned ball - it began to resemble a snowman head.

Eggnog from broken eggs people! I was going to say lemonade from lemons but that seemed a much too warm weather cliche for snowmen. Aren't they cute? And the snowy Wisconsin fan went to my brother in law a top his Christmas gift.

These are the easiest things to make and so cute! Who doesn't like a fancy little monogrammed notepad for all of their lists? Isn't everyone a list freak or is that just me? I made these for each of the kids' teachers and stuck their gift cards to the first sheet. Isn't it funny how their teachers first names begin with A, B and C?

I saw these ornaments on this blog and could not resist a last minute run into super busy stores for some ornaments. They are my kids' hand prints made into little snowmen. LOVE! I will treasure these for years. My sister and her husband were barely in the door from a seven hour drive before I was slapping white paint on her kids' hands. I think they thought I was insane. She will love hers too - she just doesn't know it yet! Ha!

I am so mad that I forgot to take a picture of this finished product. This was one of my favorite projects this year. It took a bit of coordinating with my sister for the pictures of her kids and involved me sending Cricut cut letters to her ( I should have sent extras - I hear much tape was holding together that letter R). It all came together and made a super cute GRAMA sign for my Mom. To see how it is supposed to look go here.

Updated: My mom sent me a picture of the finished project. Thanks Mom!

Those are the crafts of the Christmas of 2010. I already have some ideas brewing for 2011. Maybe if I start now I will get them all finished in time!


dr said...

I love all your Christmas Crafts. Especially since we were the beneficiary of most of them... ha ha. But seriously, I am super impressed with all of them. We busted out Mira's hockey puck crayons yesterday. Cool! And, I love my sassy camera strap. Now, if we can only find a way to keep the headbands on either of the girls' heads!
You set the bar high, sister. I am going to have to get some skills.

jensenbo said...

Your Christmas crafts are amazing, but I especially love, love, love my gift from you and all the grandkids --- my "Grama" picture frame. How very special!!!
ps. Yes, Gramma J was the orginal "greenie" --- she saved everything and could always find a good use for them later. Being a teacher, she gave me many good craft ideas. :))