Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stuff and Nonsense

I went shopping this morning while Hailey was in school. I finished up what I had intended to do and was headed home for an hour of relaxation before I had to pick her up. I thought to myself that as long as I was near, I might as well check out the Goodwill before I went home. Then I thought that I would rather just go home and relax. I went back and forth in my head for a half a minute or so before the urge to search out some bargains won out.

I am so glad it did.

The first thing I spotted was this super cute nativity scene. Two dollars. It needs a little bit of TLC in the form of a good dusting but I just love it. The rod coming out of the top makes it spin - I am guessing with the four candle holders that it was one of those things with the "blades" that spin from the heat - you know the thing Cousin Eddie broke in Christmas Vacation. I wish it had the blades because that would be so cool, but I figure I can just put a knob or a wooden star up there.

I am now on the hunt for vintage looking ball ornaments. I saw this post and am totally inspired. These packs were two dollars each - which I think was a little pricey - I should have waited until after Christmas and could have scored them for fifty cents a piece. But I liked the colors, they were not traditional Christmas colors. Heck, you could even use these for a baby shower.

I got out all the gifts for my kids the other day and noticed that Evan seemed a bit short changed. One of the reasons I was out today was to get him the "giant cupcake maker" that he longs for from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I have been wracking my brain trying to think of something else for him. He is already getting LEGOS. He doesn't need any more Nerf type weapons. We have so many games and he is getting more for Christmas already. I couldn't come up with anything. As I was leaving Goodwill with my nativity, the two packs of ornaments and a ceramic crock for my mom, I spotted this....

I may have done a little happy dance right there in the store. A dinosaur chalkboard for four dollars! It is in good shape - I think a magic eraser will get rid of the few marks on it. I wish it was magnetic and I am tempted to repaint it with magnetic chalkboard paint. I just don't know if I dare do it before Christmas or give it to him and fix it up after the holidays. I just don't know where I could work on it without him seeing it. Either way - I am so happy I found that. Evan is going to LOVE it!

It was such a good day for bargains. Not to mention that I went to Kohl's looking for a Christmas dress for Hailey. I had a thirty percent off coupon that I got in the mail. The girls dresses were marked fifty percent off already - so add in my coupon and we are talking eighty percent. I left with three different dresses because I couldn't pick my favorite. Three dresses - one that came with a coat, two pairs of girls tights - sixty dollars and ten dollars back in Kohl's cash. Nice! She can wear a different dress to each celebration - total holiday diva because her mom can't resist the girl clothes!

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Brandi said...

HA! The giant cupcake thing! My boys want a pancake puff so bad they can't stand it. They are always wanting that as-seen-on-tv crap. lol!

The dino chalkboard is awesome! I think magnetic chalkboard paint would be super on that!