Tuesday, November 9, 2010

There is always time for bargains

I feel like I have so much to post and yet the time to do it is eluding me. So compromise - here is a short one.

After I picked up Hailey at school we drove across town to the meat store. The meat store sells the world's best chicken breasts - I am super particular about meat and these chicken breasts are the only ones that I really like to eat. On the way to the store, we pass by three different thrift stores. After we had purchased a box of poultry deliciousness, we started driving back down the same road and I couldn't resist the tractor beam of the bargains any longer.

I should have had a clue that something was going on when we couldn't find a parking space in the whole lot - even at the back of the store. I contemplated giving up - but the lure was too strong. We waited for someone to leave and we went in.

I bought this muffin tin for one dollar. It is for a project that I am working on in my head. I found this pretty moose magazine/file holder. It will be getting a coat of paint soon and finding a home in my newly organized office. First I have to organize the office though. Priorities.

Hailey and Spencer each got a new pair of pants. Two bucks a piece for Old Navy pants. I wish Hailey's came in my size - aren't they the cutest? Spencer has a hole in the knee of every pair of pants he owns. Is this true with all boys? I swear that kid is hard on his clothes.

Two ninety nine a piece - a hoodie for Spencer with his school logo on it and sweater for Hailey that I wish I could fit into. It is a size 6, but doesn't seem that big. Plus I figure she can wear it as a longer sweater - maybe with her new jeans.

I was pretty stoked about my finds. Oh and all the cars in the lot were on account of the fact that it was senior day. When I found that out I was wishing I had my mom along to score me and even better deal!

After that little stop, I have a few more projects brewing in me and I have some sewing that I am jonesing to do. There are just not enough hours in the day! Now to get back to work on editing - I had two photo shoots over the weekend. I almost have the first one done and now need to start on the second. They were for one of my mom friends and I saw her at school this morning - she is super excited to see them and already talking about how she is spreading my name around to all of her friends. Yea! So I need to get crackin' on them and do a fabulous job.


Brandi said...

WOOOHOOO for bargains! Wow! You found some great stuff!

dr said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the cupcake tray and organizer, Ms. Crafty. Nice finds. I need to get myself to the thrift store here one of these days!

jensenbo said...

Super "trash to treasure" finds and cool bargains on the cute clothes. Wish I WAS with you since I love that kind of shopping.