Friday, November 5, 2010

Because they make me smile

I got the new chair that I ordered from Target today. I love it. The boys had a half day of school today. As I type they are down in the basement playing puppet theatre with the box the chair came in. We have a whole night of freedom ahead of us. I have two photo shoots this weekend. I am happy today.

I have had a piece of paper sitting by my computer where I have been jotting down things that the kids have said that made me chuckle or smile in the last few weeks.

Here they are in no particular order:

While getting Hailey dressed in the morning and putting a pair of sweatpants on her I told her she was lucky because she was able to wear her "soft pants" (what Evan calls sweatpants). She told me "They are not soft pants. They are running pants. I like to run in them".

While Evan and Hailey were reminiscing about our "Elf on the Shelf" Springle, Hailey recalled how he would climb up to perch on different pieces of furniture in our house. Evan told her "He doesn't CLIMB Hailey! He just POOFS where he wants to go!"

Hailey opening up her hot dog place take out container - "Yea! They gave me a Yo-Yo!" It was actually an Oreo.

Hailey standing at the top of the stairs while she was supposed to be napping and announcing to me in a stern voice "I QUIT to go to bed!"

Hailey who in the past has been plagued with bouts of constipation after going to the bathroom. "Mom! My poop didn't hurt my butt! I think because my body likes root beer!"

Lately Hailey has been remembering and missing her Grama Lyn who passed away a couple of years ago. I told her that even though she couldn't see Grama, she would always be in her heart. She asked me "But how can she fit in there and what if I fall and crush her?"

Hailey's newest bedtime stall trick is to ask me or her Daddy after we have read her books "Will you just hang out with me for a while?" It is so cute it is hard to say no.

The other night after I had tucked the kids in I noticed that Evan's door was open and he likes to have it shut. I walked in there and found Evan sound asleep and Hailey sitting next to his bed on a chair. I asked her "What are you doing in here? Doov is asleep!" To which she replied "I was just telling him the story of Beauty and the Beast - I think he will really love it."

Yesterday morning I called Hailey into the dining room to look outside at the beautiful pink clouds and sky during the morning sunrise. She gasped and said "Oh Mom - it is like we live in Pinkalicious land."


dr said...

I love these! You do such a great job of keeping track of these delightful things they say. You inspire me. Also, Pinkalicious land - how cute is that?

jensenbo said...

Fun! Fun!! They are fun to read!!