Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blue sky and a pretty girl!

This week has been gorgeous! It seems more like early September than November. Then you turn on the TV and see all the toy commercials and go into any store and listen to the Christmas music - and realize that it is November. Mother Nature is just giving us a bit of a reprieve before the nastiness arrives. A week ago it was actually snowing - granted it was short lived but long enough to make us realize that this little break in the weather should not be taken for granted.

So taking it for granted we are not.

A few days ago Hailey and I walked down to the beach. Partly to enjoy the day and partly for a little three year old photo shoot. I know she is almost four, but she is still technically three and we need a shot of her for our Christmas card. Plus her birthday is in January - the snow makes it difficult to photograph her outside which is my preferred back drop. I know, enough excuses - the shoemakers kids always have holes in their shoes right?

These are not the photo shoot images - those will appear later when I get the urge to edit again. These are just some fun hanging out with my girl shots.

Sand angels. So cute but also scary foreshadowing of the snow days ahead of us.

Look at that sky! I didn't boost the color of these at all. That is just how gorgeous this day was.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love where we live? How lucky I feel to be able to decide after lunch that we are going to walk five minutes and hang out on a private beach for an hour? Because I do - I love it!

Mama and Hais - I love the reflection in my glasses.

She looks so small in comparison to the lake. Some days the beauty of it just takes your breathe away.

She could have stayed and played on the sand all day long.

As if Mother Nature was trying to prove to us that it really was fall, we noticed this bright and colorful leaf among some not so pretty leaves.

I had to laugh when I saw these leaves still hanging on. They should be on a motivational poster for determination.
It has been an amazing week!


dr said...

Beautifu. The weather, the lake, the photos, and especially the girl. You are lucky to live where you do. That beach is amazing. We love our summer vacations at your "beach house."

jensenbo said...

What great shots of a warm, sunny day at the beach ---- in autumn!! Yes, you are lucky as am I to live by this marvelous wonder, Lake Michigan!!

PS Hais is a super model!!