Saturday, November 20, 2010

I just wanna sew.

I have wanted to sew for about two weeks now. Not anything for me or my house. Christmas gifts - things I am super excited to try. Last week I didn't want to haul out the machine because I was getting organized for the scrapbook retreat that I was going to. When you haven't scrapbooked in about two years, it takes a lot of organizing and sorting to figure out what you are doing. This past week I have been working in our den/office every spare second I have. It is finally finished - well, as good as it is going to get right now. Today I saw a whole day with nothing pressing to do - a day I could finally start on my sewing projects. My kids, namely Hailey, had other ideas on how to fill it.

The first thing I found when I came downstairs after showering and dressing this morning.

She thought it would be fun to mix the fuse beads with the leftover popcorn from last night. Doesn't separating kernels and beads sound like a blast? I was tempted to dump the whole thing in the trash, but I am waiting until the kids tell me how bored they are and then I am going to suggest this little fun sorting project for them.

From there she went on to dump out"moonsand" and rub it all over the play table. And don't forget the floor. She didn't ask permission to get this stuff out, because that never would have left its hiding spot in the laundry room.

Finally, there is the yogurt that I found lovingly finger painted on to the sidelight of the front door.

She is going through some kind of phase right now - well, I PRAY that it is a phase because if it is just how she is going to be, she is going to have to be sold to the gypsies. She is snotty. She is defiant. She won't listen. She doesn't follow directions. It is exhausting.

I just can't keep on top of the messes around here. Hence, I can't find any time to do the things I want to do. So today, at the end of my rope, I gave Evan and Hailey each a bowl and told them to go outside and make leaf soup. They were thrilled.

They were happy because they were making messes. I was happy because they weren't making messes inside and they were being creative and getting fresh air to boot. Then I checked my email and found my Story People quote of the day.

They're like pets who shed clothes instead of hair, she said, &
they talk back & want a lot of stuff. But at least they don't pee on the
carpet anymore

It was like it was written for my life. It made me laugh out loud.

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Brandi said...

And that is exactly why I hide the Play-Doh. My mom tried to give me some Moon Sand last year and I told her she could keep it at her house! You are having quite a day. LOL! ;)

Hope you can find time to sew!