Friday, June 18, 2010

There is not enough conditioner on Earth... tame this rats nest.

I am posting this because I never want to forget how your almost three and a half year old self wakes up from her nap.

Your hair in a worse sort of disarray than it normally is. The summer heat makes it super curly and you wake up with a mass of sweaty ringlets matted to your scalp. The curls make it even harder to get a comb through (that is when you allow me to get within two feet of you with a comb or brush in my hand).

Your naked little body walking down the stairs to tell me that you woke up. You like to sleep with your pants and underpants off - "free butt" is what you call it. These days the shirt sometimes comes off as well. I pick my battles - sleep however you want, as long as you SLEEP!

I am sure that someday you are going to care a lot (maybe too much) about how your hair looks. I am not going to say that I am not looking forward to the day a little bit - but right now I feel like I always want to remember the time when you didn't.


Brandi said...

LOL! She is just darling with those curls! ;) OMW ~ laughing at how she naps. I agree, though, as long as she sleeps who cares!

dr said...

Pretty young thing! My latest mantra is sleep anyway we can get it around here...