Thursday, June 10, 2010

School's out for summer!

The Last Day of School

I'm so glad it is finally over!
I've waited so long for this day!
It's ended, concluded and finished!
The one word for that is hooray!

So why am I getting this feeling
that maybe I'll miss everyone?
And why is there always some sadness
when everything is over and done?
-Jeff Moss

My boys had their last days of school today. Spencer still has a half day tomorrow, but I am not counting it because all they really do is clean out their desks and lockers and make elaborate plans for sleepovers and beach trips with their friends. I think it has been a pretty good school year - and holy cow did it go by fast!

Random facts about this school year:

-Spencer only missed one half day of school this year.

-Evan missed four days of school.

-They both made it to school on time every day they were there. No tardies!

-They never missed the bus.

-I only forgot one day to pack a snack for Evan.

-Spencer's lunch account ran low about five or six times. He had to have the "marker slash" reminder on his hand.

-Evan left his baseball hat on the bus one time and his winter hat about four times.

-Spencer lost his winter coat for a short time, but then later found it.

-All in all we did not lose any items of clothing this year!

-Spencer collected more discarded things (junk) on the bus than anyone could ever count. And I am sure that plenty more "treasures" await in his backpack.

The boys on the last day of school and the first day. I am unimaginably horrendous at Photoshop collages. This is the best I could do. I think they look older and wiser.

They both ended the year with different tennis shoes than they started with. Evan grew out of his old ones and Spencer's beloved Sketchers developed some faulty velcro. The shoes were in perfect shape but the velcro wouldn't stay fastened. Unbelievably frustrating! This is also the second pair of laces on his new shoes. The first ones were knotted so many times that they just frayed apart. I bought these sweet looking purple and black checked ones at the Dollar Store. He was fine with them. He could care less about how he looks.

Get ready for a crazy, fun filled summer boys!


jensenbo said...

It's great that the boys had a great school year and hardly missed any days. Good for them. I'm glad they enjoy school and all their buddies!!

dr said...

Pretty impressive collection of facts, Jen. They do look older and wiser. Enjoy your summers, boys!

dr said...

Hmmm hmmm hm hmmhmm.