Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paint and fireworks

My poor kids. This summer has been kind of a dud for them so far. They have been spending a lot of time in the basement playing Wii and Trent and I (mostly Trent) have been doing a lot of this....

After years of talking about it and years of putting it off, we are finally painting our great room, kitchen and hallways. It is a big project, and so far it is going extremely well.

The sophisticated painter with his glass of white wine. When I saw that I just had to laugh and take a picture. Of course Hailey had to show her smiling face as well. She has been a little harder to keep out of the paint than the boys. She has watched Trent's school production of Beauty and the Beast about thirty seven times in the last few days. I think maybe she is identifying with Belle a little "Is this home? Is this where I should learn to be happy?" Where the boys are thrilled to see the furniture all in disarray and to make forts and hiding spots, I think it is throwing her off a bit.

All three want to help paint so badly!

Spencer on the ladder that he isn't supposed to be on. When I came around the corner and could only see his legs, I grabbed a shot before I yelled at him to get down.

We are not totally being neglectful. Last night we made both boys dreams come true by letting them do some sparklers and light off some fireworks. These two cannot wait until the fourth of July.

I hear it supposed to be nice out tomorrow so our plan is to paint in the morning while the boys have swimming lessons and then in the afternoon we might venture out for the first time as a family on the bike path. And then we will come home and paint some more.....

Photo note: I did not edit any of these photos. I just don't have the time or energy. I have not been very happy with the photos I have been taking the last couple of days - I don't know if a setting is screwed up on my camera or what the deal is. I really need to get some downtime so I can study the manual and learn about that baby!

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dr said...

Can't wait to see the finished project. What a huge job! I hope you are finding time here and there to enjoy your summer. Can't wait to enjoy it with you in a few weeks.