Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Someday he will be grateful

Last week at Evan's baseball game, Spencer got his first taste of what it is like to have a stalker admirer.

During the game, I sit in my fold out chair and try to watch Evan either playing baseball or picking up dirt on the field and also keep tabs of my other two kids. Spencer and Hailey think that the baseball games are their own personal trips to the snack food aisle at a convenience store. Before we leave they stuff their pockets full of change and while we are there, make numerous trips to the snack hut to spend said change. They also think it is amazing fun to walk around the field to the port a potties and pass by the adjacent field and try to spot friends that may be wanting to play.

On this particular day the adjacent field was empty except for two kids that were playing on it. Spencer thought he recognized the boy so he and Hailey ran over to play with them. They must have been over there for fifteen or twenty minutes - from what I could tell, they seemed to be having a fun time. A few minutes later Spencer and Hailey came running back with the "other" kids a few yards behind. Spencer started digging in the cup holder of my chair telling me that he needed the car keys because he wanted to go sit in the car. I told him that the game was going to be over in about five minutes and there was no way he was going to sit in the car. He had a look on his face that was sort of a mix of urgency, terror and almost like he was ready to cry. He begged for the car keys as the two "other" kids - a boy and a girl - got closer.

When the "other" kids got to my chair, Spencer hopped up onto my lap. My first thought was that the boy "other" wanted to beat him up or something. When the girl started talking, I realized that it was something completely different. The girl kept kind of grabbing at him so he jumped off my lap and started running circles around with her following him. She kept saying that she wanted to kiss him because his name was Spencer and he was Spencer from the show iCarly. She said she loved Spencer from iCarly. If you have ever seen the show iCarly you know that the Spencer on the show is probably about twenty years old. This girl is a shoo in for a season of the Bachelor in about ten years. I told her to back off because Spencer is not allowed to kiss any girls except for his Mom. She persisted. She was one smitten kitten. Since I already referenced the Bachelor, I figure I could get away with that one. Seriously one of my favorite lines from that show and just not appropriate to say in real life without causing major buttcheeks. Spence continued to beg to go to the car and I was about to cave when Gramma Bonnie stepped up and beep beeped her car from a far and he ran to safety and away from the pursuit of the crazy girl. As he was running away I told him that he better get used to it because he comes from a long line of lady killers. His Dad was a lady killer and so was his Grampa Dan. Grampa Dan witnessed the whole spectacle himself and could not catch his breath from laughing.

That night when we got home he asked me if I would not tell Dad what had happened. I told him that he didn't do anything wrong. Dad wasn't going to get mad or anything. I said the girl just thought that you were cute - Dad will be able to give you tips on how to deal with all the hot messes that are going to be fawning over you in the years to come. OK - maybe I didn't phrase it exactly like that. He still didn't want Dad to know. I have no idea why, but I told him that I would not tell him. And I haven't told him much about it - just this last part.

A couple days later Evan had another game and Spencer asked if he could go to his friend's house instead of coming to the game. His buddy asked his Mom and everything was arranged. While Spencer and his friend were upstairs getting LEGO's or something I heard him say. "I am glad I can come to your house and not go to the ball game. Last time I went there was a girl there that kept trying to kiss me. I don't want to see her again. Hey, do you know that my Dad and my Grampa were lady killers? You know that doesn't mean that they really kill ladies. It just means that the girls think that they are really cute!"

But really, look at those huge brown eyes. That tousled hair. The cute little freckle on his nose. Can you really blame the girl?


kj said...

He too, will be a "lady killer!"

jensenbo said...

That girl was gaga over our boy!! Almost crazy-like. Look out Justin Bieber --- there's a new hottie in town!! :)

dr said...

Poor Spencer, already getting chased by the ladies. Your boys are in trouble!