Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She rarely wears them in the rain.

One day this past winter, I found an internet deal that I couldn't refuse. Croc rain boots. Six dollars a pair on clearance and a code for free shipping. I ordered Evan a blue pair and Hailey a hot pink pair. Twelve dollars later - one of the best purchases that I have ever made. The kids love their rain boots. Hailey wears hers all the time. She has recently discovered that not only are they cute for her feet, they also provide hours of entertainment and give new meaning to the words "water shoes".
She loves to fill them up with water from the hose and walk around with water sloshing out of her boots and around her feet. She is goofy.

By the way, the dress she is wearing in these photos is a 3T. That is her first time wearing that dress, it is not old and shrunken. That girl is a tall drink of water.

Yes, she is tall. She can be goofy. She finds strange ways to keep herself entertained. But man oh man is she gorgeous!


jensenbo said...

I agree --- she is gorgeous!!! Love the pics and her cool boots!!

dr said...

I love the dress, too. She is tall! Mira loves her boots, too. She would probably do this same activity for hours. I'll save it for some day when I need a new activity for her.