Thursday, October 1, 2009

Say yes to the dress

Hailey and I went thrift store shopping yesterday in search of some key components for Halloween costumes. A couple of weeks ago we found a nice lab coat that will be great for Spencer's mad scientist costume. The downer is that it is an adult size extra large so I will have to do some minor alterations to get it to look right on him. Yesterday we found him some perfect plaid pants that he can wear with a crazy shirt. The only things we haven't come across are a bow tie and safety glasses. Wouldn't you think that thrift stores would be full of bow ties?

We were also looking for a sweet little dress that Hailey could wear as part of her Little Red Riding Hood costume. At the first store we went to, they had nothing remotely close to what I was thinking of. I was starting to worry a little about having to sew together a fancy little pinafore. My fears were unfounded because at the next stop we found three dresses that would work out fine. I had a hard time choosing which one would work out best and since the price tags were 1.49, .49 and .49 - I figured I could splurge the two dollars and fifty cents for all three dresses. I mean seriously - I couldn't even purchase the thread, let alone the material to make the dress for that price.

Now I need some help. I posted pictures of Hailey in the three dresses and I am taking a vote. Leave your vote for which one you like best in the comments section at the bottom of the post.

Number 1 -This was the first one I spotted. I think it may not be frumpy enough. It reminds me of a baptismal gown. I actually might dress her in this one for a wedding or something.

Number 2 - I like that the smocking has some dark red that will stand out once she has the cape on. I like the long sleeves because late October in Michigan can be freezing. I don't like that it is a size 4T and still seems a little short. I most likely will have tights on her though. Also don't like the fact that there seem to be coffee or cola stains on the front. I did wash them all once before she tried them on, but didn't notice the stains then so didn't stain stick them or anything.

Number 3 - I love the front with the smocking and the apron. I feel like it is the most in the style of RRH. I am not crazy about the pink stripes. It makes me think of a candy stripper.
There are the choices! Don't forget to vote. Also wish me some luck and talent because here is what I will be doing in the next couple of weeks.


jensenbo said...

What great bargains you can find at thrift stores. I love all the dresses but my vote is for #2. It might be alittle short but you could put some blummers (like on the pattern photo) to make it longer and of course, white tights too. Too cute!!

Brandi said...

Yay, a sewer! I had my machine out just today. :) I've yet to try and sew a costume though. Last year was the first year we "made" a costume by buying different pieces and putting them together and boy was the costume SO much better (and more authentic) than buying a pre-made one.

I'm going to have to go with #3. :) Good luck!

jules said...

I think #3, too cute!

kj said...

#3 is the one I like. With the smock, it looks to be the most red riding hood like!