Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Me box

Evan had his first school project due today. He had to create a "Me Box" and fill it up with things that told his class who he was and what he liked.

His included a book to symbolize his love of reading, a picture of him and his pet Dickens, a photo of him playing his favorite sport, a crayon to represent his artist side, Diego because he likes Diego and also likes to explore and be outdoors like Diego, a Star Wars guy because he loves Star Wars, a Bakugan and Legos which are his favorite toys and a dinosaur - need I say more?
Oh, and a dolphin. I have no idea why. He stuck it in there without me knowing about it.
Last night before he went to bed he told me that he could hardly wait until tomorrow. When I asked him why he said because that was the day he got to share his Me Box with the class. The next morning he reiterated to Spencer how much he was looking forward to class that day. This kid LOVES school.
Further evidence of his love of learning or maybe just his obsessive need to his collection of CREW tickets. A student gets a CREW ticket when their teacher or any other adult in the building witnesses them doing what they are told, being extremely good or going above and beyond the call to be helpful. At last count Evan had twelve. Spencer has two. On the first day of school they each came home with a CREW ticket and I posted them up on the door. I figured that we would have a sort of "race" and whoever was in the lead when we decided to go to a movie or go out to dinner would get first pick of the location.
I don't think Spencer has much of a chance in this race. Evan climbs off the bus everyday eager to announce to me if he got a CREW ticket or how MANY he got that day. I am so thankful that he likes school and seems to be adapting to Kindergarten so well!


Brandi said...

The "me box" is a really cute idea. It's great that he loves school so much! :)

jensenbo said...

That box signifies Ev to a tee even though he is so much more!! After being with him all weekend, I can see he is a teacher's delight!!