Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mumps, Beans and Polly Pocket

Hailey's success on the potty has reached a milestone. By going pee or poop on the potty successfully ten times, she was able to meet her first goal and receive her first Polly Pocket as a reward.
Polly Pockets are small. Very, very small.

I fear it is only a matter of days before she loses a shoe or two and we have to rename Polly - Cinderella. Tonight may be the fateful night since she is totally excited to take her "Polly Purse" (what she calls the plastic case that holds Polly and all her gear) to the soccer field to show Ellala (what she calls Ella) her new toy. Itty bitty Polly shoes in the grass do not go well together.

We made a new chart today with the promise of another Polly after ten stickers of success. For a more immediate reward, each time she goes she gets a couple of M&M's or Jelly Beans. What she calls "mumps and beans". It always makes me laugh when she says it and reminds me of how Spencer used to beg "One M!" when he wanted his M&M's for a treat.
The only drawback to our seemingly wonderful accomplishments thus far, is that she only goes without accident when she is pantless. And she can't really go out of the house pantless. We are still working on the going on the potty while wearing the big girl unders part of the plan. But for now we are both happy with how far we have come!

PS. Her favorite book now, the only book that she has ever requested over and over again is Everyone Poops! She calls it "Poopy" and cannot get enough of it.


jensenbo said...

Good job, Hailey!! You're doing great!! I love your little Polly doll.

Brandi said...

I ♥ a reward chart... you can get them to do just about anything!!! Congrats to both of you on the potty success! :)