Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fishing boats and barges...

My Dad mentioned to me that he wanted me to take some pictures of the kids by the smokestack on his boat. He and his brother had posed for similar pictures back in the day and he wanted some of the next-next generation. I say that because I don't recall my sister and I posing for shots by a smokestack, but I also don't think we had a fishing boat in our possession back then. I could be wrong though. It has been known to happen.

Anyway, eager to shoot some photos that had a purpose, I loaded up my family and headed over to Grampa Paul's marina. The light was good, the kids were kind of willing, the backdrops were plentiful - I was giddy with joy! I shot so many photos that I absolutely LOVE. I don't think I barely said a word to anyone, (sorry for that!) I was all over the place drooling over location opportunities and little things here and there to take artsy shots of.

So be prepared for photo overload, but come on - how could I not post these?

The planets were aligned just right or something, because Evan was the only kid who wanted to pose for me. Normally, he is the last one that wants anything to do with the camera. I think it had something to do with being able to check out all of Grampa Paul's cool stuff.

There were so many cool things to photograph. I may have to do a whole series on my photo blog titled "Rope".

And some of my latest favorite photographs EVER! Face-in-hole shots! These are going to have to go up on the wall somewhere!

Grampa Paul and his Mini-Me's!

The kids had a great time running around, and so did I! We will be back soon!


Brandi said...

You took some really great photos! I love the "face in the hole" pics! Too cute. :)

Brandi said...

BTW, something for you on my blog. :)

jensenbo said...

I love these pictures of the kids and their grampa Paul!! The boat and the marina is a great backdrop. Nice to see Paul and his grandkids carrying on the fishing tradition.

fisher said...

i didn't actually read all of this, but am so glad that you have these really cool pics of the kids AND your dad!!! AWESOME, and really cool pics!