Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It may be another eight years until it looks like this again...

My mind is going through an organizational phase right now. I say my mind, because I am determined to get rid of the clutter drawer by drawer, closet by closet and corner by corner. I think about it constantly. It is almost an obsession with me right now. My mind is there, but my body can't be fifty four places at once and unfortunately there are so many more pressing things that need to get done before the organizing - I have not gotten very far in my task.

But today...TODAY I started on Hailey's room. Her room was priority one since we are travelling to visit her little cousin at the end of the week. Her little cousin that at almost exactly a year younger than Hailey is the recipient of most of her wardrobe. We started by emptying the closet.

This closet has not looked like this in over eight years. Even before Spencer was born, we used it to store our baby gear that we collected. I found four diaper bags, some with packages of wipes that were dried up, a binky, a bag FULL of other plastic bags from Old Navy, the GAP and Children's Place and the sign that was hanging up at my baby shower. My BABY SHOWER! - that was held June of 2001. I wouldn't be surprised at this point if someone from A & E stops by to nominate me for an episode of "Hoarders".

We got the closet emptied and vacuumed out. It was pretty dusty in there if you can believe it? The closet looked great - the rest of the room looked like this.

I still have a lot of work to do.

And the hangers! Seriously, does anybody need any hangers?

She looks like she's workin' hard huh? I would prefer her like this instead of downstairs emptying every bin of blocks that we own all over the living room. That was what I got to come down stairs to after trying to organize her room. Thanks Hailey! You make my jobs so easy!

Blog note: I know my posts have been very Hailey heavy lately. You may be wondering where my boys went or why I am neglecting them. Since they are in school, I feel like they are hardly ever around anymore. Hailey is glued to my side all day every day. So that is why she is featured more than Spencer or Ev. I will try to even it out a bit. :)


Brandi said...

I had one of those moments in the playroom the other day. It seems in the cleaning process it gets messier before it's finally looking good! Hey... the closet looks GREAT!!! ;)

jensenbo said...

What a big job!! Hailey's room will look great in no time. :)Good luck, "Gramma J". :))