Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun, freezing, family, fall festivities...

On Sunday morning, we bundled up for the way-too-close-to-freezing-for-early-October weather, and drove to a local orchard and pumpkin patch. The kids didn't seem to mind the cold too much. They definitely could have used some mittens and I was wishing from the moment that I stepped out of the van that I would have brought along a hat for myself. It was still pretty early in the day though and the sun was supposed to shine and the high temperature was expected to be near fifty degrees.

The kids had fun riding on the mini express train. They loved feeding the animals on the farm and petting them. I am not a fan of petting zoos at all. I have enough germs to worry about these days, let alone some animal germs thrown into the mix.

The boys wanted to walk through the corn maze, so we did that. It actually felt warmer in the maze because the corn stalks did a great job of blocking the wind. Spencer had extensive amounts of energy in the maze and would just take off running through the corn and then run back at us making crow noises. We were just thankful that he wasn't complaining that his bones hurt like he usually does when we walk around somewhere.

After we made our way out of the maze, the kids decided they wanted to try out the giant jumping pillow. Since we got there so early, they were the only kids on the thing.

When the kids were all jumped out, we decided it was time to climb on board the apple express and go and pick us some apples in the orchard. The ride travels the "scenic" route to the orchard, through the woods where they have created some questionably scary scenes throughout. It was a little chilly for a glorified hayride, so I was pretty happy when we finally made it to the orchard.

When we had a bag full of apples, it was pumpkin picking time! I love pumpkin patches! I had never been to an actual pumpkin patch until we had Spencer. Any pumpkins I had growing up came from the supermarket or local gas station display. They were fine pumpkins, there is just something cool about picking your own straight out of the place where it grew.

Hailey was not a happy little girl for pretty much the whole day. She was constantly wanting to be picked up and carried. If we would put her down she would just cry and scream until someone picked her up again. The only thing she enjoyed was looking at the animals. That was all she wanted to do. Further proof (in my opinion) that she is not my daughter - she was switched at birth! Ha!

I really thought the pumpkin patch would cheer her up, but no such luck. She was just having a bad day.

It was a great day in spite of the unseasonable cold and the inconsolable girl. I told Trent on the way home that if it were ten degrees warmer and Hailey could have gone five consecutive minutes without fussing - the day would have been near perfect.

She did eventually stop crying. The minute I went to sit with her in the van while the boys jumped on the pillow again, she was back to her smiley self. Maybe she would rather get her pumpkins from the gas station?


dr said...

Looks like the quintessential fall day. Very fun! We have yet to get Mira a pumpkin, but are going on a field trip with her preschool class next week to the pumpkin patch.
I love the colors in your photos - they look so vibrant.

Tina said...

Sounds like almost everyone had a good time!! You got some great pic's!
Poor Spencer with his aching bones. My daughter complains of this ALL THE TIME. The doctor continues to tell me that it is just growing pains. I guess she is going to be like 6'7" by the end of her 6th year!! :)