Thursday, October 8, 2009


A couple of nights ago, Spencer was out selling his Boy Scout popcorn door to door. The next day our neighbor lady told me that she thought he looked adorable in his uniform. Later that day I told Spencer what she had said. Then Daddy told Spence that he should wear his uniform to school and he would be irresistible to the girls. Spencer looked at us and said "I am concerned on many levels about what you just told me".

Daddy was doing some Sunday school work with Spencer and Evan and the question he posed to them was "How can you be a child of God?" Evan in his overtired, crazy, hyper, say anything to shock you kind of stupor replied "You could toot in his face." And then proceeded to laugh his head off. Spencer looked at him in total seriousness and said "Evan, something BAD is going to happen to you!"

The other day while Spencer was making his own bologna sandwich I hear a shout from the kitchen, "MOM! Where is that Magical Whip?".

Last month when I told the boys that Dad and I were going to be gone for the weekend. Spencer asked how many days that we would be gone. I told him two days. To which he replied "Well, that's two days of my life that I am never gonna get back".

I have no idea how he comes up with half of the stuff he says.


jensenbo said...

Adorable!! I laughed my head off at Ev's remark.

Brandi said...

HAHAHAHA! I bet he keeps you laughing! What a funny little guy! :)