Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What I did on my first day of summer vacation...

Today was the first official day of summer break for our whole family. This is how the boys spent the majority of the afternoon.

It may look like a pretty normal summertime activity, but on this particular day the high was 65 degrees. It did feel warmer in the sun, but seriously, where are our summer temperatures?

The boys didn't seem to mind the temperature at all. Except for Evan, as you can see by his choice of swimming attire. Evan does not like to be cold. Not at all.

When we finished our basement, Trent had the inspired idea that while the plumbers were here they could stub out an outdoor hot water faucet next to our outdoor cold water faucet. I asked him what the use of that would be and the answer he gave me was that it would be good for washing our cars in cold weather. I wondered how often that would happen since the amount of times we wash our cars in any weather I could count on one hand.

I have to give him props for a good idea. The fact that the boys could make the water warm was a big part of their fun today. It was actually pretty funny. Since the air was chilly, they were begging each other to squirt and dump water on them to warm themselves up.

It was a good day today. It was nice to have Trent home (between golf dates) to help out. Having him around just makes everything much less stressful. Of course, on the first day of our break Hailey wakes up from her nap with a fever. When I got her out of her crib she felt warm, but her room was warm so I didn't think much of it. She was a bit clingy but we went outside and she was acting fine. After dinner I noticed she was warm again and took her temp and she is a couple degrees over normal. I gave her some ibuprofen and put her to bed. Then I came down here to Google West Nile virus since she got two big mosquito bites right before lunch. Hypochondriac - I know.

I just had to post this picture of Spencer from this afternoon. If anyone can remember this post, you may remember how Spencer seems to have a problem dressing for specific seasons. This is just some further proof. Easter time - tank top. June - black turtleneck. The boy has a style all his own.

Welcome to Sprockets. I am Dieter. Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!


jensenbo said...

Sounds like the boys had a great time with their water fight. I'm surprised their moms would let them wear their swim suits when it was so chilly. When is it going to be warm???

ps. Spence looks so cute no matter what he picks out to wear. :)

jensenbo said...

I hope Hai feels better soon.