Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One more reason to hate shade.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I would love to have a garden. I have also mentioned that we have no place to put a garden except smack dab in the middle of our front yard. At this point I am wondering how much our neighborhood association would frown on that.

Our current "garden" consists of two little pots growing in our front yard. Chives and Basil. My kids cannot get enough of these herbs. They pick them right off the plants and eat the leaves. The other day I was making Spencer a turkey sandwich and he asked me if he could run outside and pick some chives to add to it. Uh....I guess you can eat a fresh herb if you really want to!

In the past few weeks we have taken down a couple of trees and trimmed a bunch of other ones back to try to get additional necessary sun to the backyard. It has helped a bit, but not in the way of a full six to eight hours of sun that a garden would need.

So for now I will just keep dreaming of a garden full of vegetables that my kids can hardly wait to pick and cook and scarf off of their plates. And keep waiting for the chance to make pesto, since the basil plant is picked bare.


jules said...

Jen, you can come on over to monstosity of a garden anytime and pick! We always have tons of basil and you can make as much pesto as you want!! One good thing to grow/try is garlic, I'm trying this for the first time this year does not require any space, get a head of garlic at the store and peel off the layers of "skin" and plant each one, and each one should produce a head of garlic, which is needed for pesto!! The tops look like onions and will be ready late summer/fall. I wish my kids went out to the garden and ate herbs, all they do is throw dirt at each other, while I'm out there weeding.

dr said...

Yum, i love fresh pesto. I also love to use one leaf of fresh basil on a slice of tomato and fresh mozzerela, drizzled with olive oil.

jensenbo said...

You can use my "neighbor garden" in cute little Bluffton--- I'm sure there is room for more crops. :)