Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What we did instead of going to the baseball game...

Evan has been waiting for this day since he opened his new dinosaur umbrella on his birthday. We have had plenty of rain since then - we just never found the right moment.

Last night was that moment. Trent and Spencer were at the baseball game. We had every intention of following a bit behind them, and then the rain started to pour down. I was sure that the game would be called because of it, so I decided that we would abandon our plans to watch and just wait for Dad and Spence to get home while playing in the rain.

Evan grabbed his umbrella and Hailey begged to wear her new raincoat. How much do I love her raincoat? SO MUCH! There may be some other pictures soon to make an appearance on this blog of her in the same raincoat from the day before. My cousin knew that I admired little girls raincoats from afar and so badly wanted to purchase one, but didn't know if I should spend the money on something that Hailey might not wear very often. She told me last week that TJ Maxx had cute raincoats on clearance. I went the next day and found a little gem that Hailey has worn twice in the past four days.

And the game never did get called. Spencer came home very wet.

Evan so happy to be "singing in the rain"!

I LOVE this picture of Hailey letting the rain fall on her face. I am bummed out a bit by the blur though.

Cute, cold, wet, blurry toes! I couldn't resist. She does not have a deformed big toe. She just has it turned under in stubbing mode.

Photo note: These pictures were shot with my long lens - the 40-150mm in aperture priority mode. I don't know if it was the AP mode set to the wrong aperture that made them blur or if I am just use to my "good" lens where the blur seems nonexistent. I like the background blur I get with this lens but the lack of tack sharpness drives me crazy and makes me remember why I tend to keep it in the bag.


dr said...

Fun photos, Jen. Looks like a memorable time with the kiddos! I like Ev's umbrella.

jensenbo said...

What a great time the kids had"singing in the rain". I bet they had more fun than Spence at his soggy game. :) We (sibs and neighbors) used to play in the puddles after a rain -- many years ago on 5th street. :) Fun memories.