Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rainy day

I told you that there would be more pictures of Hailey in her new raincoat.

I figured since today was a rainy, dreary day - it was the perfect day to make that happen. The day I took these photos, the rain had stopped and the sun was starting to peek out. I was hoping to see a rainbow, but no such luck.

We have had some wonderful summer like weather the past few days. Today's rain has really thrown the boys for a loop. Evan's t-ball practice was cancelled this morning. They still had swimming lessons - in the rain - but I guess wet is wet. They are both jonesing to go the the yacht club pool with Grama. We were going to go there yesterday but the boys were still feeling a little sick from the virus they both came down with the day before at the EXACT same time. It was the same thing that Hailey had the week before - it was just so weird that they both were fine all morning and then walked in at the same time complaining of a headache. Fevers soon followed. And Evan copied his sister completely by getting up in the night to throw up. On our freshly cleaned carpet. At least it was only one little spot in his room. (And to be totally honest, I was thankful that it wasn't in his bed because I had just finished putting his whole bed back together from his latest pee "accident".)

Anyway, back to the raincoat. Hailey loves this coat as much as I do. The size is supposedly a 4T. I don't know if it is mis-sized or not. (Is that even a word?) It is from TJ Maxx so that could be a possibility. It is a bit big for her, but I wanted her to be able to wear it for several seasons. I think that will happen - unless of course she wears it out!

I just can't get enough of those giant, yellow buttons. The coat just screams happiness - don't you think?

I love the vintage feel that these last two photos have. In the last one she was looking for a rainbow.


jensenbo said...

I love Hai's photos in her new raincoat. You can tell she loves it!!

dr said...

I love the raincoat, too. Very cute!