Thursday, June 25, 2009

My own little Bobby Flay

A couple of nights ago I decided to make a veggie pizza for the kids and I for dinner.  

Kids and me? Seriously, I should know this.  I was once an English major.  

Anyway, I know it is not the healthiest choice on Earth with the buttery crescent rolls and the cream cheese, but I feel like the broccoli and carrots kind of make up for the badness.  I even managed to sneak on some orange sweet peppers because they blended in with the carrots and the kids could not tell the difference.  

When Spencer saw the pizza he asked me if that was the kind of veggie pizza that he liked.  I told him that it was.   He bit into it and devoured his whole piece.  Then he told me "When I took the first bite I didn't really think it tasted like the kind that I liked.  Then on the second bite the flavor of it really seemed to pick up!"

I guess all the nights we watch the Food Network together are really starting to pay off.

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jensenbo said...

Nice way to sneak in the veggies the kids haven't tried. :)