Monday, April 20, 2009

Soccer Saturday!

Another season of soccer has begun! Evan played his first game on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day to be outside - warm and sunny - the complete opposite of the last game he played in the fall when we got completely drenched in the cool blowing rain.

I can tell that he has improved a bit from last season. He even almost scored a goal! He is a little older and a little more aggressive, but still has the Evan zest for dancing and goofing around on the field. During practice on Thursday night, one of the older boys on the team ( a boy who is VERY good at the game) was throwing the ball in from out of bounds. I heard him yell to Evan to get down near the goal and he would throw it to him. Sounds like a good strategy huh? Evan responded by hopping around and laughing and telling the boy "I am stepping on your shadow!" What can I say? My boys are apparently not going to be that into sports - or maybe they just didn't get any sporting genes.

My cousin's little boy Matthew is on his team this season, so that is pretty cool. It is fun to see Evan playing the game with one of his relatives and it is nice for me to have people to hang out with on the sidelines! The boys had a quite a cheering section on Saturday with their combined group of fans. It was a fun day at the old soccer pitch!

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jensenbo said...

What great pictures of the kids at their 1st soccer game of the season. It's always so much fun to watch them play and have fun with one another.