Thursday, April 2, 2009

Feeling a little crafty...

Today was another wonderful spring-like day. It was a day where we could finally go outside without jackets and feel comfortable. At times the boys were even taking off their shoes - though their mean mother made them keep putting them back on. These kids are SO ready for summer.

In the early afternoon Evan, Hailey and I took a walk down to the beach and hung out for a bit. Once again, there was not a breath of wind and with the sun shining, at times it actually felt hot. Or maybe that was just me after walking down the stairs carrying Hailey. We walked along the shore and looked for treasures. I can't believe how much higher the water is this year compared to last year. It is cutting into the shore leaving almost three foot high "cliffs" - you can see the root systems of the beach grass. It it the highest I have seen it in a while. Evan found a fishing bobber, a piece of driftwood that looked like a gun, a piece of driftwood that looked like a fish, a bazillion little shells and a big cork that we decided was from a bottle belonging to a pirate.

As we left the beach and the kids piled back into the Burley, Evan added to his treasure trove a slew of pine cones. I told him we could make them into bird feeders. He was very intrigued and super excited and of course wanted to get started the minute we got home. When we got home, I put Hailey down to nap and we gathered our supplies and made our nature bird feeders.

It was sort of messy and sticky, but he LOVED putting them together and was so excited to hang them for the birds. And squirrels. He likes them both equally. He does not judge. During our project at one point he looked at me with his eyes twinkling and a smile and told me "Mom, I really love doing this with you!" I could actually FEEL my heart grow the way the Grinch's does when he hears the Who's singing when he said that. It made me realize that we don't do enough stuff like that during the day and it is so easy and it means so much to them. We had a great time with our little nature craft.

On another note....
My friend Lesley's little girl Amaya has been struggling with leg pain and difficulty for a few months. This week they received her diagnosis. They were worried that she might have cancer or another life threatening disease and thankfully that was not the case. Unfortunately - though it is not life threatening it is life altering and she has a hard road a head of her. It is called Calves-Pethes disease and I don't know a lot about it but it inhibits her from participating in many of the activities that kid's her age love to do and it will have to be watched and monitered very closely in the next years. She is a tough little girl - with parents that will support her and do any thing for her. She will be OK, I just feel sad that they all have to go through this. If you believe and are willing, please add them to your prayers. I keep thinking that God's plan is not for us to know, only to Trust. That is all we can do.
If you want to see the sweet little face that you are praying about -go here.

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fisher said...

Oh my gosh Jen!!! I was loving the blog about the bird feeders and totally agreeing about the time that we spend with the kids, and thinking what a great mom you are. Then.....You added the note about Amaya. Thank you so much, I know God has been hearing and answering our prayers already. We are thankful of this easier diagnosis in comparison to other more difficult ones. Thank you for the words of support and adding us to yours and others prayers. You are such a true friend and I love you!!!