Thursday, April 16, 2009

Caught chocolate handed!

While checking email this morning I suddenly realized that it was eerily quiet in the house. I walked away from the computer to see what the kids were into and found Hailey in the kitchen
with her chair pushed up to the counter, pant less, eating from the Easter candy stash. She is a candy fanatic! I think she has eaten more candy than the boys combined.

The site of her little bum and the chair were pretty cute and I took a photo for future bribery. You will have to take my word for it though because I don't feel comfortable sharing it on the world wide web. I LOVE this picture with her guilty look and all the wrappers in the background. Although my photography teacher would nail me for those shadows.

I know I promised Chicago pictures and Easter pictures....I honestly don't know where the day goes. It has been beautiful out these past couple of days so the majority of our time is spent outside. The kids are discovering new things to do out there and remembering the old things they haven't been able to play with since October. The boys are fine left outside alone, but Hailey can't be trusted - not even with her brothers watching her. She is a wanderer and fearless - a bad combination in a stubborn little two year old. So I am outside all day watching her.

We take a lot of walks - which is a good thing - the Reeses' peanut butter eggs are not going to fall off my hips on their own. On the plus side (no pun intended) the jeans I bought a size too big at Old Navy fit now. Sadly, that is not the goal I was trying to attain.

The spring practices have started as well. Spencer is playing baseball and had his first official practice last night and will have another tomorrow. Evan starts soccer practice tonight and will kick it around in his first game on Saturday. It is supposed to be a nice day so I am excited about that. I hope he gets into the game a little more this year. He seems to be really pumped about it.

I am off to clean the kitchen and finish the laundry. I did about six loads yesterday and was totally caught up. Evan came into our bed last night at 1:30 scared about a bad dream. He basically takes over my side of the bed so I get about 4 inches of sleeping space. Then he and Trent start a dueling snore duet. I was exhausted yesterday from being outside all day and having the kids alone all day - at about 2:30 I decided to go sleep in Evan's room. After taking about fifteen dinosaurs out of his bed I went to lay down and realized that his bed was SOAKED. I grabbed a new sleep diaper and headed back to my bed because his pull-up must be saturated and leaking and I didn't want pee in my bed. I whip off his jammy pants (he is sleeping soundly though the whole thing, mind you) and discover that he does not even have his pull -up on. UGH! My kids and their stripping of diapers in the night is driving me insane! That is my way too long saga of why I have more laundry today.

OK - off to eat a peanut-butter egg yogurt!

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jensenbo said...

Love the picture of Hais with her big eyes. She is a little chocolate lover, that's for sure. But then she loves all sweets. You, Da or the boys don't seem to have the same cravings. :)