Wednesday, April 8, 2009

25 random things about me...

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. We just got home from an amazing trip with the boys to Chicago with lots of photos and fun memories. Little Dickens is fitting into our family wonderfully - even with surviving a near death experience (more on that later as well). Easter is this Sunday and we are in the middle of Spring Break and I have lists to make and things to organize so the blog is taking a back burner. I get tired of looking at the same thing over and over so here is a little something new. Another Facebook (DTAF) meme - this time all about me.

1. I have been told I have an amazing memory. Though it seems to be only for random things that no one would ever need to know.

2. I can write with my right foot.

3. My greatest fear is something will happen to one of my kids. My second is that something will happen to me and I won't be able to see them grow up. My third is flying.

4. I talk to my Mom everyday. She is one of my best friends.

5. I always have been and still am a very shy person until I really get to know someone. Then I never seem to shut up.

6. I knew I wanted to marry my husband the first time I met him even though we didn't start dating until years later.

7. I am good at having babies. I had all three naturally and very quickly.

8. I have a high pain tolerance. See #7.

9. I love to take pictures. Actually I am obsessed. My dream is to be a photographer.

10. I am a picky eater.

11. I don't drink enough water.

12. I drink too much Diet Coke.

13. I dread working out, but love the way I feel after.

14. I believe that my husband and my Dad are two of the world's best guys and I don't tell either of them that enough.

15. I love living near Lake Michigan. I don't think I could live anywhere else.

16. I used to be extremely organized - then I had kids.

17. The last thing I do before I go to sleep is kiss my kids goodnight.

18. I love movie theatre popcorn. I would go to a bad movie just to eat the popcorn.

19. I have a hard time getting rid of things. I tend to hold on to things for their sentimental value.

20. I tend to be a hypochondriac.

21. I touched Kenny Rogers hand at a concert of his I went to in college.

22. I like to watch reality TV and other mindless shows.

23. I am amazingly good at cracking and eating crab legs.

24. I am not squeamish at all about touching my eyes.

25. I love the smell of Ivory soap and Flintstone vitamins.
Photo note: The credit for this photo goes to Evan. He loves it when I let him take a picture with my camera. It wears on my nerves a bit to give him that very HEAVY very EXPENSIVE camera but he is very careful with it. The photo is a little blurry and looking at it makes me realize I need some eyebrow maintenance in a major way...but the composition is very good - he has a good eye for an almost five year old.


fisher said...

Great pic Evers!!!

jensenbo said...

It's fun to read your memes -- whatever that means??? I tend to agree with all you said.

Love the picture of you and hubby. :)