Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not a huge fan of the gestures...

Evan and I were driving to the store this morning and having a fairly intense conversation about how trees grow leaves in the spring and how they get the nutrients to grow those leaves. How they eat, not with mouths like people do, but sort of absorb their food with their roots from the ground.

I am no botanist. He is four. I did my best.

During the conversation I took my hands off the wheel for some reason to give an example of something.

Evan (very accusatory and creeping toward terror): MOM! You just took your hands off the driving wheel!

Mom: Sorry buddy, I was just trying to show you an example.

Evan: If a policeman would have seen you, you would have gone to JAIL! Next time just tell me with your words! You don't have to show me like that! You should never let the wheel go!

He continued to go on about my wrongdoing for the next three minutes or so until we got to the store parking lot. Apparently, the boy is a stickler for rules.

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jensenbo said...

Good job, Ev, keeping an eye on your mommy's driving!!