Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April Fool's Day is one of my kid's favorite days. Sure it pales in comparison to Christmas, their birthdays, Easter, Halloween - but it is definitely in the top ten.

They get such a huge kick out of trying to fool us. I have to admit that it starts to wear on me a bit, because let's face it...the jokes are not good. You can only hear "Mom! There's a huge spider behind you!" and fake gasp about fifty times before you are ready to go hide in the laundry room or some other place the kids won't dare to go. Evan's idea of a good joke is to exclaim "Mom! There is a giant book over there!" and he gets so angry if you don't react to his foolery in the correct manner. More times than I can count I have asked him sounding scared "Over where?" to have him answer with a huge scowl on his face "MOM! You have to turn AROUND and look for it when you say it!!!!"

I tried to get them back this morning by dyeing their milk blue. Evan was a little intrigued/angry about the whole thing - but sucked it all down. Spencer thought it was pretty funny but wouldn't touch his milk. I explained to him that the food color would not make it taste any different. It was the exact same stuff we put in the frosting to turn it colors when we made cookies or cakes. He seemed to be cool with the answer but still....picky....he is his mama's son.

My ultimate trick today is taking place as I type this. I tricked Evan into taking a nap. I cannot tell you how badly that boy needs to nap. He has been overtired and grumpy for days. We went upstairs and did his "cards" while "relaxing" in my bed. After we did about 150 cards (they are the Brain Quest cards - he LOVES them and is so good at them. I can't believe how smart that little cookie is. He has mastered the preschool set and I just ordered him the next step up for Easter. The only problems he has are the "sounds with" letter beginning and ending sounds ones. It concerns me a bit because I worry about his "accent" and maybe he has a hearing difficulty. Fortunately they are being tested for hearing and vision later this month at school) so yeah...150 cards later, I said that we should rest our eyes a little. I think I feel asleep the minute my eyes shut. It must have only been for ten or fifteen minutes though because I woke up hearing him talking. I told him to rest his eyes and tickled his hair for a minute and he was snoring. The kid is exhausted.

Score one for Mommy - the April Fool's Day master!

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jensenbo said...

What a cute post on April Fools day!! They do love their jokes!!