Friday, April 29, 2016

Wishing I could slow down time

I have been missing my babies a lot lately.  

My kids are getting old.  That is just a fact, but sometimes I wish it wasn't.  Don't get me wrong - there are plenty of good things about the ages they are now.  They are very self sufficient.  They sleep all night long.  They don't even require babysitters anymore. But sometimes I just want to poof back to the time when they were my constant companions.  I will never regret choosing to stay home with my babies - those days are still some of the best in my whole life.  

I miss them when I am grocery shopping - such a dreaded chore.  When you have a little one with you, shopping becomes more of an outing - a way to fill some time during the day before nap time.  Now it stresses me out.  They other day while I was grocery shopping alone I passed cart after cart of moms with their babies and toddlers strapped into the seats.   I listened  and felt even a little jealous as they got to answer questions and talk to their kiddos who really had no choice but to give their moms their undivided attention. 

I miss them on beautiful sunny warm spring days when we would drop everything and haul out the stroller and walk to the beach and play in the sand for hours.  They could be in the worst moods ever but something about the playing in the sand would set their little worlds straight again.  So on Monday when Hailey had an early release -even though she had tons of school work to do - we blew it off (for an hour or two) and walked down to the beach.  

Because she is still my baby - or at least I keep telling myself that - though I am sure she would not like the sound of that one bit. 

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