Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The rest of March moments...

So a lot of the month got away from me. I think it has much to do with my Girls on the Run coaching which has turned into a second job that I don't get paid for.  Unless you count the hugs.  I do get paid in hugs. 

Hailey's last day of yoga.  For now...

Love will'nt.

The cutie tags we made for Hailey's Girl Scout cookies we delivered.

Her "lap marks" for GOTR.  That is a mile and three quarters right there.

A visit from the leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day morn.

All decked out so she won't get pinched.

Three little leprechauns with a birthday wish for Grampa.

For reading month they got to dress up like a book character. I saw a lot of Disney princesses but my girl was pure awesomeness as Amelia Bedelia.   She was so spot on.

She won her class award spirit stick and the one that was for the whole school.  She was so cute about it.  She wanted to surprise me and not draw a bunch of attention to herself at school.  I knew something was up when all of her friends and were busting to tell me something and she wouldn't let them.

We saw the Allegro's production of Legally Blonde.  Hailey hanging out in Elle's dorm room after the show.

Then she got to meet Elle Woods in the lobby.  Look at Spencer creeping in the background.

Representative Holly Hughes came to read to their class for reading month.  Hailey got autographs for her and Evan.  Evan's make me laugh so hard.

Spencer received his Life Scout advancement at the latest Court of Honor.  Next stop Eagle.  The Mother's get to go up with them and get a pin from the boys.  The pictures leave much to be desired.

Evan also got some merit badges at the dinner.

Evan's drawing of a mammoth.  The boy has some drawing skill.

My view from the Burger King drive through.  Bye Bye bank building.  Before I started working at EBW I dreamed of working in that building in a sweet window office.

My sweet girl thinking of her good friend's Grandma.  She has the hugest heart.

Big brother reading the "One school - One book" book to Hailey.

It was a Good Friday.

Touring the water filtration plant.  It was pretty interesting.

Hailey's Easter place cards.

Some loot from the bunny.  A cute hat and some Bunch Ems.

I love these three.

The traditional Bunny Cake!

Spencer and I got to experience the cool thing of watching the van go from 99,999 to 100,000 miles.  It happened while I was bringing him home from track practice.  We pulled over to take photos and everything.  It was a fun bonding moment with my brooding teen.

The last day of March is reading month.  Beach day!  Too bad it was far from it outside!

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