Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday moments: Sports edition

Spring sport season is in full swing around here.  I had to put the "taxi" sign back on my car after taking it down when the musical rehearsals finished.  

Last Monday Spencer had his first track meet.  I am glad he is participating in track, but track meets really are the worst to spectate.  The kids get a lot of social time hanging out with their friends, but the parents sit around for hours to watch their kid run for like thirty seconds.  Worst. 

He ran the 100 meter sprint.  He was in the second heat - which doesn't count for points.  He took first in the second heat - he ran 100 meters in 15 something seconds.  Crazy.

I told him he could probably shave a few seconds off his time if he pulled back that mop of hair.  He is insisting on letting it grow out.   I put it in a man pony one day and almost had him convinced to wear it but he pulled it out at the last minute.

I snapped this cutie picture as we were walking to the car after the meet.  Hailey and Spencer don't interact a lot because of their age difference, but he was being super sweet to her and she was loving every minute of it.  She is such a lucky girl to have two big brothers.

Tuesday at Girls on the Run.  It was a game day led by the girls.  These pictures didn't seem so far away when I took them.  Hailey is in the all gray with pink shoes.  

Thursday's track meet.  Spencer is just at the line running the 200 meter dash.

This time Hailey was with a friend at skate night so Evan got to come hang out with me to watch his big bro.

Evan's turn came on Saturday morning when we watched him in his first tennis matches.  He and his partner played three times and won all three!  Evan had some great serves and shots.  I was very proud of him.

Not to mention the head band just kills me every time.  LOVE this kid!

Two more track meets this week plus GOTR and tennis.  We are in sports mode around here!

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