Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Last weeks moments...late again.

Our weeks have been jam packed lately and it seems like this last month and a half of school might be even worse.  It is all good and fun stuff, but heaven help me - I am exhausted by dinner.

Wednesday Evan went to the orthodontist.  I thought he would be getting molds made or something like that, but they actually put brackets on his top teeth.  We found out two interesting things while we were there.  He has a baby tooth that is trapped and will need to be extracted and that our current insurance plan is awesome.  Provided nothing changes his whole orthodontic treatment cost us a bit under five hundred bucks.  Compared to Spencer, those are major discount braces!

Wednesday afternoon I helped out at school after work with the Feelin' Good Mileage Club. 

Another shot of the new tin grin later on Wednesday after his much needed haircut. 

On Saturday Hailey got out her scooter and spent the whole afternoon on it.

Saturday night Spencer, Trent and I went to see the play Diary of Anne Frank in Grand Haven.  We ate dinner at Old Boys first.  It was a fun night out with our first born with the mop of hair.

Sunday morning was super dreary so Hailey convinced Daddy to build some LEGO creation with her.

While they did LEGOS the boys played on the PS4.  This was a rare moment - it is not often they play games together these days.

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