Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Make it and Bake it

Early last week in a driving storm of freezing rain, Hailey and I braved the weather to go the craft store.   They were predicting horrible weather for the next few days and hinting at school closings so I figured we needed something to do to keep us occupied during the storm. 
Needless to say, the news folk were exaggerating and we never got our Snowvember and my crafting items are still sitting on the dining room table in their bags.  They beckon me every day but I am still getting out Christmas decor and that seems to suck all the energy out of me by the end of the day.
Anyhoo - Hailey loves to craft.  While we were at the store she begged me to get something that she could work on.  The only problem was that she didn't know what she wanted to make.  Nothing sounded fun to her.  Well - nothing cheap sounded fun to her.  She couldn't understand why I wouldn't buy her some twenty plus dollars craft kits with Christmas and her birthday right around the corner.  She didn't want a canvas.  A paint by number picture looked too hard.  This was no good.  That was boring.  It seemed like no crafting would happen for her that night until I spotted the Make it and Bake its.  The nostalgia came flooding back.  My sister and I made a ton of these things!  Hailey was intrigued by the tiny looking crystals and the fact that the craft had to go in the oven.  She was sold.  She even picked one out for Evan.
Needless to say, they were a big hit.  They worked diligently on them for about an hour and then we put them in the oven to melt.  I took way too many pictures of a seemingly mundane event, but like I said - it just reminded me so much of my own childhood.

FYI - tweezers are a must with Make it and Bake its. 

They can't wait to go back to pick out their next one.  I am thinking Christmas stocking idea for sure!

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